Feeding Thousands for Christmas and so Much More

For the second year in a row, Franceli is heading up a food distribution on Christmas Eve. Last year we distributed 2,500 bags and we doubling that this year. We dreamed, prayed, acted and God provided. Distributing 5,000 bags really means feeding 15,000 – 20,000 people! Many have given to make this happen and we are not only excited about handing out food, but also to see how God is moved in people to give generously. In each bag of food there will be a gospel tract in Haitian Creole sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Oh that God would you this distribution not only to satisfy a physical hunger, but a spiritual one was well. We are certainly enlisting all the prayer support we can muster.

Looking back over the last year it is easy to see God’s provision. Time and time again, He does what only He can do, move His people to be generous. That is the common denominator I see each every time He provides. His people, with a sensitivity to His Spirit give generously in obedience to His leading. Would you consider supporting the Love in Motion ministry? We depend on people like you to help us serve the Haitian people. You can do so by going to www.monadnockbible.org/haiti/Project_Support.html. May God richly bless you and Merry Christmas!! Download Newsletter