Serving the Church in Haiti

Love in Motion meets needs in Haiti, by supporting education and orphan care, and providing medical aid to vulnerable populations.


Love in Motion meets needs in Haiti, by supporting education and orphan care, and providing medical aid to vulnerable populations. 


God calls some to go and be His hands and feet. Is that you? Join us in our efforts in Haiti.


The beauty of your gift is how far it will go. $1 a day will pay for a child’s education. What difference can you make?

our mission

For over 35 years, Love in Motion has served the church in Haiti through child sponsorships, short-term missions including medical work, and food distribution.

Why? Because we are Christians willing to answer the call of God wherever it may take us, to the best of our ability. In 1983, that call took us to Haiti and we have worked there since to help in any way we can.

We want to deepen the impact of our efforts as we move forward. We are ready to go to the next level of care, and move from feeding to teaching. The relationship built with a generation of Haitians is a firm foundation to launch from, and Love in Motion is preparing to move into a new space of partnership.

Discipleship. Mentoring. Partnership.
Love in Motion is about seeing dignity in others and ourselves. It’s about lifting our brothers and sisters up to equal footing and reinforcing their efforts. It’s about the church moving as one to the strengthening of many.
Haiti remains in great need. You can help today, and be a part of building tomorrow.


Cap Haitian

Cap Haitian is Haiti’s second largest city in population. It was an influential city in the early beginnings of Haiti in the 18th and 19th centuries. The only cruise ships that visit Haiti dock not far from this city and close by are some of the countries largest cocoa plantations and the famed Citadel. Politically, it tends to be a hotbed of opposition movements. Child sponsorship code EEBC is located here.


Batso is a rural farming village about a forty-minute drive from St. Michel. This area is lush with sugarcane, the staple in Haiti’s rum production. There is no electricity in Batso and the area has very limited access to clean water sources. Child sponsorship codes CORBS and EEBSM are located here.

St. Michel

Its official name is Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye and is located in the central plateau. Second only to Port-au-Prince is geographical size; St. Michel is home to the regions largest market. The area is rich is agriculture but is prone to rainy and dry seasons. The older children in secondary school from CORBS live and go to school here .


Codere is a small farming village located just outside Les Caye. This area has virtually no infrastructure of its own. This is a very impoverished region where children walk very long distances to attend school if they can afford it. Child sponsorship code EEBLC(co) is located here.

Les Cayes

Les Cayes is a seaport located in the southwestern part of Haiti. The largest exports from this area are coffee, sugarcane and vetiver. The downtown area has a very urban feel but there are some beautiful nearby beaches. Child sponsorship code EEBLC is located here.


Located about 10 miles outside of Port-au-Prince, this area is known for creating the world famous Haitian iron art. Commercial business as well as agriculture are spread throughout this region. Child sponsorship codes RCOPP and CDBIBT are located in this here.

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