Child Sponsorship

In Haiti, affording school is a make-or-break event. School is not a right in Haiti – but a privilege that parents scrape together everything they have to provide.

But what about those who cannot make those ends meet? What about those without parents or providers?

For those children, it is the first and largest door to slam in their face – all but sealing their fate.
$30 a month. That’s what it costs to provide an education to a Haitian child.

It doesn’t seem like a large hurdle, but when you make $50 a month as income, the picture quickly changes. What if you have more than one child? Which one gets an education?

If you feel a tug to invest in Haiti, but don’t know where to begin – start here. We will match you with a specific child, and for $30 a month you’ll send them to school, covering uniforms, tuition, and supplies.

You’ll get updates and correspondence from them, and be able to learn more about the situation.

Child Sponsorship is such a mighty gift. Join us in making a big difference, both today and tomorrow.

If you would like more information contact Jama Marvel or 603-532-8551

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